Sunday, 4 December 2016

Gcompris - My experience

Image result for gcomprisGcompris  is a software suite consisting of various educational activities for children under age 10.It is high quality ultimate education software for the new generation. I tried the latest version of Gcompris and Experiences that this software help a lot for the new generation to change their thinking about the digitization and to make its best use in their life.
                                            Gcompris actually is a software suite comprising educational entertainment software. It helps a lot for their structural, social and logical knowledge. About more than 140 games are there which are called as activities.

For whom:
Image result for gcompris            Gcompris is software developed for the children of age from 2 to 10. Around this age group a child has a very sensitive state of mind, The things captured by the child in this age goes all along with him.
                           This is the age at which a child should learn about what is  happening around the world. Gcompris Provide a easy to access and fun way for learning of children. It pays a vital role for them to learn basic things which are made easy to learn my GCompris

            Following are the activities and games  that I tried in Gcompris:

Learning Keyboard and Mouse:
                                       This section of Gcompris is related to the learning of keyboard and mouse gestures.Learning about computer The first stem is to learn about the hardware and among them the most important is to learn working of keyboard and mouse.Various activities are provided to improve the reaction of  a child  before working of keyboard and mouse.which are:

Logical Knowledge: 
                               Logical knowledge is must. Various activities that provide logical and practical knowledge are there in Gcompris. They work a lot in development of a child. Here are some of them:
Image result for gcompris chess

Strategic knowledge:
                                Statistic knowledge pays a vital role in the practical expressions of life.Therefore it becomes necessary for one to have a good strategically developed mind. This state of mind is largely affected by the interesting activities of Gcompris. Various activities like Bar games , chess etc are also provide. Some are: 
 Image result for gcompris renewable energy

Learning letters, digits and vocabulary: 
                               Learning letters and digits are the first steps of the child for starting his knowledge as to learn something we have to read, write and to practice it . Therefore reading and writing are important. Gcompris has a variety of activities that are supported for learning the letters digits and vocabulary.Thus Improving the uses of Grammar and Punctuation. These various activities are:
Image result for gcompris vocabulary

Learning about nature: 

 This part of activities relates to natural phenomenons like the water cycle, The Gravitational pull, Renewable energy.Having knowledge about what happens and how happens in the nature leads to all around development of the child. One should be aware to the natural working of the world.Various activities related to these are:

Image result for gcompris renewable energyImage result for gcompris water cycle    

Mathematical activities: 
                                   Mathematical activities are also provided in Gcompris. they are related to various mathematical calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division etc.These are as: 

Memory Activities:
                            Gcompris also provide Benefits for their memory development too.Various activities are there which improve the ability to learn the things. These activities improve their long term and short term memory development. Among These activities some are:   
Image result for gcompris vocabulary

            The benefits of Gcompris are limitless they are very beneficial for the new generation.I am covering some of them as:

  • Increasing their reading and learning skills by activities like "Missing letters"," Falling words","Alphabets Sequence" etc. 

  • Increasing their Vocabulary and Grammar too by activities like"Enrich your grammar","Click on upper case"," Click on lower case'.etc.

  • Improving their ling term and short term memory by activities like " memory game with images',"Memory games with audio"etc.

  • Boosts their decision making skills by activities like"The maze", 'Balancing box","A sliding block puzzle" etc.

  • Increases their curiosity about various aspects of life by activities like,'land safe","Mixing colors of light","intro gravity","Mixing colors of paint"etc. 

  • Increasing their reflex action and Respond time by activities like"Make the ball go to tux"," Penalty Kick","Double click" etc.  

  • Increasing their Knowledge about the natural phenomenons by activities like"Water cycle'," Renewable energy", "Intro Gravity"etc.

  • Improving their Imaginary knowledge by activities like"Mixing colors of light","Operate the canal lock","Mixing colors of paint"

  • Improving their strategic knowledge by activities like" Tic tac toe with Tux","Tic tac toe with a friend', "Align four with Tux", "Align four with a friend","Play chess with Tux", "Play chess with a friend" etc.

  • Improving their mathematical knowledge with activities like"the magician hat" ," Number with dice",' Number sequence",'' Even and odd number", Numbers in order" etc.

Other interesting features and the things i like : 
                                                  Although the whole software was fun to use but I noted some Interesting Features which I'm going to discuss. Following are some things that appeared to be most amazing and interesting which are:\

The first thing is that Gcompris is a free and open source that means one can easily modify it. Gcompris  provide us to share it too and it is a free to use so everybody can afford it.

Secondly, There were some activities that I liked the most. I found these activities are of great fun and are very interesting these are:

Explore Monuments: this activity is very helpful for the children of age 7 to 10. A child in this activity learns about various monuments of the world.

Learning Clock: This activity pays a lot for children to learn how time is measured. One can easily teach his child  to read time by learning hour,minute,and seconds.

  Renewable Energy: With this activity a child learn how electricity is generated, how it is transferred from one place to another, and how to use it

Land safe: It is the most interesting activity I tried. In this activity you have to control a rocket and to make its landing safe on the given spot. A child learns how thrust works, how rocket is pushed upward with downward force and so on.

And the other thing I like is that the operator is free to change the settings of some activities like:

  • Supper brains: One can change shapes from symbols and vice versa.
  • Sliding block puzzle:One can change Colored blocks from cars and vise versa
And there are some activities that provide a way to modify it with one's imagination. For example, Balancing box is a game in which one if free to make his own level sets.

Some activities are multiplayer too. Instead of using Gcompris alone one can enjoy it with his friends too.These activities are
  • Tic tac toe with a friend
  • Align four with a friend
  • Play chess with a friend
Although I like the software and is very beneficial for children but there was somethings that I think to be improves.These are

  • Addition of more natural phenomenon related games like, Food chain, Food web, natural disasters, photosynthesis etc. 

  • There should be harder level in the games in order to make them accept their failure and tell them to try again.This will impart in them the feeling of not to give up. 

  • Narration problems
I find some problems in the narration of the activities for example 
                   When you enter a activity the narration starts. But when you leave that page and go to home page,The narrator didn't stops until the completion of narration or until you click on the next activity 
                   Whatever the game or activity you play, when you loose an activity it says"Check your answer" It implies only on mathematical and grammar activities not on games like "the maze","land safe","Tic tac toe","align four"etc.

  • There should be addition of certain activities that will improve their habits.I other words more activities should be added that will teach them to Respect others, Wake up early in the morning,Brush and bath everyday.etc.

  • More attention should be given to make the child understand the activity like, Adding Written  rules and steps to follow. Also graphics and images should be places in the steps.

  • More Activities should be there that teaches how to keep environment clean, How to recycle,reuse and repair thins for future needs. They should learn not to waste things.                                        
                            Although the whole program was easy to operate, easy to understand awesome too.

                 In the end i can conclude that the software is very fun to use. The Activities are so interesting that I didn't stop myself trying them,although they are for children of age 2 to 10. The whole experience was awesome. The thing  like the most is the home page of Gcompris, It is so much fum to use. Thats all.